Monday, December 10, 2007

One of those days

I made a commitment to myself today that I'd knit at least 10 rows this evening. Then I cut my finger while slicing bread. Can't tell if the bleeding has stopped yet, until it does I'm not going to even try. Knitting may be a moot point. I'll see. It is the tip of the left index, I don't use the tip foe knitting except on the cable rows. Wonder if I can come up with a work-around! I can tell you honestly that my typing is atrocious! Amazing how many letters use that finger!

Have you ever noticed how important something that is seldom noticed becomes when it is incapacitated or gone? As soon as you give/throw something away that hasn't been used in several years, it becomes vital. I don't understand. Same with yarn. Pass it on because it won't be knit up -- ever, and BANG! sigh

I've noticed as things become more uncertain, my knitting is doing the same. grumble

I've been pondering the new-born baby hat (knit for newborns at the hospital where I still volunteer, despite the fact that we moved away 4 years ago) that I knit while in the emergency room with my dad. According to information on the web, it is very difficult to kill the disease spores for what he had. Finally came to the conclusion to throw out the hat and the yarn (there was enough for one more hat.) I also gave the needles, stitch markers and row counter a good chlorine bleach bath. The stitch markers and row counter hadn't been used for the hat, but were in the same knitting bag. The bag was also swabbed out. Maybe overkill. I'd rather be safe than cause harm to a baby.

Update on the finger, new bandage because I bled through the other one, and yes, I can knit. Slowly at the cable crosses, but that finger is used to tension, not move the stitches.

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