Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I don't think it is a word but it is exactly what some special people are. Appreciators. I have some appreciators in my life. Right now I'm talking about my knitting life. There are others, in other areas, but this was highlighted TWICE today! TWICE! YAY!

I have knit for my sister off and on for years. I love knitting for her, as she cherishes whatever I've made. To the point that I think she could safely get rid of the vest I knit for her in high school, um, way too many years ago! Unfortunately, that was before I had the idea that I should knit colors that look good on the intended victim, instead of my favorites. She looks good in rose tones, this was rust. Nevertheless, she wore that vest for a long time. Today she asked for wrist warmers in wild colors, because it is so cold in her office. Whee! I'm off to stash dive (and I asked my friend Dianne for extras, because she LOVES wild colors much more than I do.) I'd started a pair of socks for me, but the yarn yelled, "I wanna be wrist warmers!" Okay. I frogged the couple of inches I'd done, and that's what they will be!

Some of the yarn is in a bit of a short supply, so I'm going to knit them in reverse, start at the hand and work down. I suppose some could be Scandinavian pulse warmers....

My "almost daughter" in London UK who visited us several years ago wrote this morning too. The two sweaters I knit earlier in the year for my "granddaughters" are so loved, that the other day the youngest pet hers going in and out of the washing machine (called a wetter by the oldest , isn't that appropriate!) The sweaters (jumpers) aren't impervious to stains (darn it) but they are light colors -- lime green and neon yellow respectively, but the girls love them. That is what is important.

These aren't the only knit appreciators in my life! But I heard from both of them today, and that meant a lot to me.

I hope you have appreciators in many aspects of YOUR life!

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