Friday, December 14, 2007


The sweater is done! In time to hand it off to the intended victim next week! I had just a bit of yarn left over (that I can find) and am in the process of making a set of wristwarmers. No pattern, just playing. Serena (said intended victim) said she doesn't need wristwarmers, so I will just have to wear them around here! Such a shame, as it is COLD in this house right now! LOL We still have power, but there are a lot of drafts.

As I said, the yarn left over "that I can find." I have a yarn database. I try to be accurate with it. There are things that slip through the cracks, it may be off by a few skeins, but not by much. So I wrote down that I'd brought 15 skeins (26.25 oz or 250 grams) of this yarn home from Serena's to knit this sweater up. I'd bought it a couple of years ago from New Zealand. The sweater weighs 1 pound .5 ounces or 468 grams. There would be a little more used, the ends that were trimmed and thrown away. That is 9+ skeins. I have the rest of the + skein and one more at hand (hence the wristwarmers.) BUT WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THE OTHER 4 SKEINS! I've hit the exasperation level by now. If I'd had them, I probably would have saved them to make something else toasty. But it didn't feel as if I had enough to make much, and thought "a-ha, wristwarmers!" Didn't want to waste this uber-warm yarn! I have searched the house. I asked Serena if she remembered how many skeins she had, her helpful response "a box full." True, when I sent them to her I squished them all in a small box. But that doesn't really give me an accurate count, now does it?

Does anyone else have this happen? Sheesh!

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