Saturday, December 15, 2007


We are in that period of life that is so interesting. We are waiting. Every time the phone rings, we think, "Is it the baby?" Posts from them indicate how tired they are, and the baby isn't even here yet! Oh dear. New life is on its way. It is almost here. What a promise for the future!

Unfortunately, the phone is ringing a lot these days. You see, we are in one of the first election states. One memorable day I received 5 phone calls for political surveys PLUS 7 for political ads. I don't know about you, but I hang up on robo calls. Thanks but no thanks. I don't find it impressive that someone with a "name" has recorded a message and it is going out to several thousand people at once. I don't care. Click. I admit I have a weakness for political surveys. I want my voice heard. But there really is a limit. It has gotten to the point that I can frequently tell the politcal bias of the group who is sponsoring the poll. We're not supposed to notice that it is slanted toward one person/group?

Oops. I was just working on my yarn spreadsheet. Must keep myself honest. To realize that one of the times I added yarns, I managed to foul up my total ounces line. I don't know how. Not sure I WANT to know how. sigh But that means I have almost 200 less ounces than I thought I did. Um, that is quite a mistake! Over 12 pounds. I am not saying that I'm running out of yarn any time soon. Far from it. But still, there is a wonder about that error.

By the way, the wristwarmers are finished. Well, one still needs the ends sewn in. But effectively finished. Whee!

Remember my whine yesterday about the yarn for the last sweater that seemed to have gone missing. Well, I checked my actual stash (against the spreadsheet) for my yarn (purchased for me at the same time/place.) Hm, spreadsheet said 20 skeins. Actual stash was 12. I am going to take it that I did the same with Serena's. somehow. Must have been the day the spreadsheet went bad. grin That is a 1.3 pound difference there alone...

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