Saturday, December 29, 2007


Still no baby. Poor Kim! She is past her due date.

We spent time with our kids around Christmas, I figured out that we were in the car 30+ hours between Thursday the 20th and Friday the 28th. That does NOT count driving around town either place. That's a lot for this body!

Serena wore her Rogue-ette almost all the time we were there. Did I think to get pictures? Nooo! sigh I have a request in for her to get someone at work to take a picture of her wearing it. If not, then maybe late January...

Tucker was unhappy that no one was playing with him. So he sough solace with his frog.
I knit several more pairs of wristwarmers for my sister, but mailed them off before I got pictures. Hopefully her hands will be warmer! I started one more pair, finished another, but one isn't a color she'll wear happily (I will though!) and the other is driving me nuts right now. As I've whined before, asthma makes knitting difficult some times. While I have been capable of knitting a 2 by 2 rib, I was doing a 4 by 4 (because I like the way it looks and to do something different.) I just couldn't. COULD not. 4 by 5, or 5 by 4... many many times. I finally put it away in disgust.

On the way home, it was snowing and blowing. Howard wasn't using cruise control, to keep better control of the car. At one point we watched the car just ahead of us as it perhaps hit ice or realized it was missing its exit. We don't know. Howard thought the first, I thought the second. Whatever, it started spinning. There was concern that we were going to collide. It seemed to be happening in slow motion. Just when we thought the driver had brought the car under control, a tire dipped over the edge and the car gracefully rolled and landed on its roof! Talk about a heart thumping stretch of time! Howard brought the car to a stop, then backed up to help out as I called 911. (As an aside, I really wish the dispatchers knew mile and exit numbers -- it would make it easier for those of us who aren't reading all the road signs as we go by! That would be me when I'm passenger.) All the time praying for them, for other travelers, for those who stopped and for a safe trip the rest of the way! We were told the people in the car were fine, so took off. It was a subdued pair in the car for the rest of the way. That happened 2 and a half hours from home. Ick! We rejoiced when the road cleared up shortly after we got back into Iowa!

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