Monday, December 10, 2007

When the stitches go bad...

I was knitting away on the collar. Paying very special attention to those cable crossings that had been wrongly turned earlier. Really I was. About 12 rows in to tonight's episode of knitting, I realized, every freaking one of the center cables in tonight's knitting was done incorrectly! Part of me was in absolute shock. Part was horrified. The rest? Resigned. The sweater is no longer going to have a collar as I had planned it before. At this point I'm knitting a rolled edge to match the sleeves and hem, and this sucker is done!

Later (much later) I will figure out a way to show myself how the cables are supposed to go. Bur obviously not tonight.

I am now going to whimper off into the sunset.

1 comment:

Holly said...

there are just those days when knitting does that.

I think you are very smart to let that sweater tell you that it does not want a collar and stop driving yourself nuts!