Monday, April 07, 2008

howard and birds

Howard loves to feed the birds. We have 3 bird feeders in the back yard, a suet feeder, and squirrel food on the ground. The squirrel feeder was an attempt to keep the um, the um, the pests (there are many other words that Howard uses here, I was trying to come up with a "family friendly" one) out of the regular feeders. They can only access one of them, their tries to get to the others are fun to watch. I've posted before about Howard's antics with the squirrels.

He isn't fond of grackles. They are messy, they waste the food, they scare off the smaller birds.

This morning, his loving wife (that would be me) text messaged him: Grackle grateful for suet!
Howard: Grrrr!
LW: :) but I thought you smile at the thought of pleasing a birdie! Giggle! :)
Howard: You are evil, in a very nice way!

I realized that trying to pick up the stitches from the provisional cast-on (for the facing/collar of the Mermaid) is NOT a good idea when the hands are shaking from the pred. Not, not, not. I'll do it later.

I tried to knit the sheep facecloth last night. It is cute, I had some white cotton that would have been perfect for it. I made it through the first row of bobbles. And frogged to the start of the pattern. Knit a facecloth in stockinette stitch with garter edges. There was no way I was going to happily do all of those bobbles. Just not. There was also the reality of how long those bobbles would take to DRY when the cloth was used! The rest of the cloth would dry, those could mold. That is my story, and I am sticking with it. I'm not a bobble knitter.

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