Friday, April 18, 2008

My yarn weakness

It is sad, but I have realized that I have this terrible weakness as to sock yarn. I have a stash of it. I will admit to a having enough to be able to knit socks for several years without running out. Yet there is something about seeing sock yarn for sale that makes my heart go pitter pat for a moment. I talk myself out of it, so far. You will please notice that I'd like to make a promise that I will continue to do so, but... What is it about sock yarn, as opposed to any other yarn? I started to say I could understand if it were -- a different kind of yarn -- but then my mind went blank. I really couldn't imagine any other yarn "tripping my switch." I started to write cashmere, and remembered the cashmere in my stash that is patiently waiting for me to come up with some sort of project for it. Just to get it out of my stash. It has been there long enough, but without an inspiration it sits. Hm, qiviut? I knit up all that I had and gave the projects away. Sweater yarn? I have enough for many sweaters in my stash right now, I don't feel a need to pick up any yarn for that.

But sock yarn. Ah. What is it about SOCK yarn? I don't know. The fact that socks usually go fairly quickly? As opposed, of course, to a sweater which could take SO much more yarn and take longer to knit. The magic of turning the heel? Even after 90+ pairs of socks, I still delight in heels. I don't know why. But I love sock yarn.

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