Sunday, April 06, 2008

knitted prayers

Friday night I was knitting away at the Mermaid for my friend Margaret. It felt as if I wasn't supposed to stop. I thought of her, prayed, and knit away into the evening and late into the night.

Yesterday I kept trying to call her. I felt there was a reason I had felt that way. The phones were busy. All day. Now that is odd. I kept trying and knitting. Praying for Margaret and Don.

Last night I received an e-mail from another friend that Margaret and Don are all right, but their house was damaged in the tornado that went through Friday night.

I have just a bit more to go on the body of the Mermaid, then I will put it down for a bit. During clean-up, she really does NOT need me to call and ask for her sleeve length. If I become too impatient, I'll just knit the sleeves per the pattern. I know they run long -- the designer is a tall person (so is Margaret. Hey, most people are taller than I am at 5' 2". I knit the sleeves for Serena, Kim and me shorter because we don't NEED that sleeve length. I'm pretty sure that Margaret will need the pattern length, if not a bit more.

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