Saturday, April 12, 2008


Howard was been gone all day. It was a nice, quiet day. My favorite.

I called the doc first thing yesterday, wound up going in. Which would have been all well and good, but although I sat in a corner, someone saturated in perfume sat 4 seats away. By the time I was called back, I was in some distress. At least the doc now sees what happens. He was amazed that my voice was so bad and deep. I think I’m going to have to rethink how I handle the doc’s office. Maybe check in, go back to the car and wait until they call me on the phone to come back? I wasn’t in good shape, dumped my purse twice (which I NEVER do!), shaky, just felt out of control. Unfortunately, yesterday Howard had needed to sleep, so he got up just as I was leaving (again a rare occasion.) That meant I had to drive to the pharmacy, wait for the new med, then drive home, even though I did not feel as if that was a safe proposition. Usually when I feel that way I refuse to drive. What was I supposed to do? It was raining, not a good day for my lungs to walk home either, the way they felt.

Got home, wandered around, and finally surrendered. I took a nap! I don’t DO naps! It was imperative, I slept more than 2 hours. Thinking about it today, I don’t think it was lack of sleep or the new med. I think it was the reaction to that perfume. That seemed to have done me in.

Anyway, today is MUCH better. Mom’s sweater is humming along, when I sit down to do it. I have had a couple of sweating issues, but not like yesterday evening, when I wound up changing from the skin out 4 times before I went to sleep. I was running out of clothing to put on! For some odd reason, I did two loads of wash today. I finished both sleeves today and cast on for the body.

A lot of nattering, probably about nothing. Thanks for listening!

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AlisonH said...

Nothing wrong with a good nap. Glad you're okay!