Friday, April 04, 2008


I like Panera's bagels. Plain. Those are safe. Toasted are best. grin Was eating one last night and broke a tooth. This is the second tooth I've broken on one of those bagels. Really, they aren't THAT hard!

I was putzing around the house, waiting for the dentist office to call. I started a batch of oatmeal cookies. I am, perhaps unfortunately, NOT a precise cook. Baker. Whatever. I tend to go with the feel. After all, the flour is more moist some days than others. I also use my fingers to form the little dough balls. Howard left, my fingers were absolutely covered with dough. Dentist called. I am glad she called, but 3 minutes either way would have saved a really sticky mess on the phone!

Mermaid is growing. There are less than 2 stripe sections to go on the body. I am enjoying this knit again. I love the kingfisher (teal) color yarn that is the contrast. I would never choose the black and grey for the body for myself (wrong colors!) but it is going to be stunning on Margaret!

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