Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Crash of the Headaches

Wow! FrIday was NOT FUN!

a Mgraine, a Sinus headache, and a Med Taper Headache all met together in one place for a conference. I waved a white flag, took an Imitrex (with doctor's permission) because all noises were vibrating badly in my head and light hurt and went to bed at 1. Of course, the phone started ringing wildly all afternoon, but Howard was a doll and fielded all calls. Other than trips to the necessary, I didn't get up until Saturday. I now know that when the eyes feel funny and there is a need to nap, HONOR IT. sigh. Today is better, but I'm headed for a nap, just in case. Another the med tapered again today and there is this interesting twitch under my left eye. But I've managed to get more rows on Dora's sweater, and one row on the doll house afghan, so all is not lost!

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AnnieVan said...

Dear Mary,
I hope you're feeling better today!
I'm writing to thank you for the scrumptious hand spun qiviut that I so luckily won from Stephanie's, aka the Yarn Harlot, blog for donating to MSF. It's so yummy I might not even bother knitting with it and just wrap the skeins around my neck, but maybe a neck cowl...Thank You! I'm a beginning spinner as well as a knitter so the yarn is doubly inspirational.
Your blog is grteat as well! Thanks again;
Annie Johnson from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (near Banff).