Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm Home

While I love to travel, two wonderful words are "I'm home!" My bed, my love next to me in it. Means a lot.

It was a good flight back (I highly recommend Frontier Air Lines for good service!), an uneventful (which is the best kind!) drive home, and in to bed.

Did finish the doll house afghan, one more to go before this series is done. Then a smaller series for a swap (the total is 16, so I think they are going to be baby bed sized!), finish the clapotis, Dora's sweater, and the other pending projects. Time to clear those.

Talked with the doctor's office this morning, with 2 migraines (both on the weekends, blech) it is time to get some medication here to take when they start. I am going to have to accept that when the left eye starts closing that it is the warning sign, even before I'm really aware of a headache. I seem to be oblivious to headaches until they have taken over, I've had them so long. Maybe that will stop them from continuing until the second day.

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Anonymous said...

Yea being back home is a very good thing. You have done 16 afghans? Did I get the number right... ?