Saturday, May 28, 2005


What a topsy-turvy week weather wise!

We've had HOT and we've had cool. Our high today isn't going to make 70, but it is a nice start to the holiday weekend.

Knitting group this morning was small, but lots of fun. Jean started her first sweater, something she didn't think she could ever do. Jeanine finished the back of her shell, and will be finishing the front by next meeting! Whee! Becca is working on a purse for fair, and Marjorie is working on a scarf for Wil. I brought knitting, and didn't even pull it out. Scary thought, eh?

I need to sit down with my knitting in progress and decide who goes next, and just get going. The Clapotis was moved around quite a bit in the suitcase while I was gone, which means I have another mess. My fault, I know it. But that means I have a significant tangle to address. There are some days where it is easier to leave such tangles in the suitcase and pretend they haven't been seen. Such has been my reality since returning from Colorado. I am sure you have never felt that way! I had two balls of yarn for it left, they have become intertwined in the process. We will not discuss how thrilled I am at the prospect of once again untangling it. Only the fact that it is so beautiful and soft is saving it from a walk in the trash!

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