Friday, May 06, 2005

Girl Scouts, Priority mail

Started a mini session of Girl Scouts yesterday. How much fun! 4 girls, 3-4 grades. I forgot how much ENERGY they have. I came home absolutely exhausted, having had an absolute blast! We are working on positive self image. That it is all right to be themselves. That each one of them is special and unique and that is perfect. They are each making a book about themselves, and they can use as much paper as they desire to describe / color / paint / decorate / whatever in the 4 weeks. I've asked that they leave the books at the meeting place so they don't get forgotten, but they can take extra paper home and work on it in between meetings. We'll see.

Priority mail is odd. We sent two larger one-rate boxes to Serena last Wednesday in Evergreen Colorado. They were supposed to arrive Friday or Saturday. They finally arrived yesterday. We might as well have shipped them parcel post. A friend sends things to me and each time her post office changes my zip code. I guess they figure she doesn't know where I live. And it wanders Iowa. Finally someone gets frustrated and puts a note "send it to original zip code" and it gets here". MUCH later than the 2-3 days paid for. I don't understand.

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