Friday, May 20, 2005


We've been so busy, running around Evergreen, that I've not written! First of all, I owe it to all of you to blame a 6 pound cat. Did you know they can pick up a credit card case in their mouth and walk off with it? Talk about trauma! For two days we (read I) panicked, with all my ID, credit cards, medical information, money, and such gone. I was supposed to take an online class, but wasn't able to drive over to mom and dad's to take it. Instead, I was tearing apart the room at Serena's where I'm sleeping. I have NEVER made a bed so many times in two days as I did this week. As the last place I remember putting it was on the bed. Cat must have picked it up to play with it, and carried it to Serena's room. All day Wednesday was spent searching. That afternoon Mom helped me tear apart the room for it. Wednesday evening Serena and Annette searched as well. Thursday Mom and Dad came over to look for it, as well as Matt and Rachel, Serena's housemates. We were just getting ready to tear apart Serena's bed, with me protesting that I hadn't even GONE INTO Serena's room once I took the wallet out of my pocket when it was found. Darned cat. You would think that she couldn't have even picked it up. The little flap to close it must have been just too irresistable, as it flips back and forth. The stress level that caused was quite high.

Not much knitting going on, actually, I've done quite a bit on the doll house afghan, but it is amazing how little progress is seen when knitting with thread. I've still not figured out how many rows per inch, and I don't think I want to know the stitches per inch that I'd get out of it. I really like the way it is turning out, I'm becoming more comfortable with it, less like fighting with it. Although I don't understand why I see the stitches better on the left needle than on the right.

Serena's car had bad news today. The gas tank is not doing well. Instead of the car being good to go until the end of the summer, the shop thinks it should be replaced as soon as possible. sigh Isn't that the way life goes, as she just paid $400 to repair it this morning? At a different shop.


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dianne N said...

Hello! Fie on that cat! Too clever for its own good. Nice to hear that other than that you are having fun .