Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Moving Right Along!

The Scarf, as you maybe saw, if finished, no pictures, as I don't know if the recipient sees this. The doll house afghan is toddling along nicely, I think. 1-2 repeats a time is about all I can handle, then I have to walk away. It is fun, though, to see it grow. Think a BRIGHT red silk against the shiny steel needles. Eventually I'll get pictures, but that entails asking Howard to scan it in for me. Right now I haven't decided if this one is the practice one or the "for real one".

I'm tapering off Prozac, the stuff decided it really didn't like my body. Talk about side affects: tremors, tic, stammer, loss of concentration, confusion, tears, sleeplessness, dizzy, as well as temper! Add to that the spring allergies and wheezes, and you have a very "interesting"? Mary! I'll try to keep posting, but that means I'm kind of out of it, people! Last night I was propped up about 60 degrees in bed, got up around 2 to shower, then rocked for several hours, then went back to bed and dozed some more. Right now I'm yawning, but not really sleepy.

I think I'll pick up Dora's sweater and see what I can do with that for a while. Seems safer than the doll house afghan!

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