Friday, July 01, 2005


Howard's shoulder is getting more mobile. The steri-strips are starting to get grubby. We are now 2 weeks after surgery! It HURTS! Neither of us expected the pain level to continue, but we have been assured by many people that it is normal, and it ain't gonna stop for a while. sigh Somehow, in the heat of the summer, that doesn't bring warm fuzzies into our hearts. LOL or is that sigh? Despite that, I was able to grab a picture of him smiling, since he does that a lot. Sometimes, it is a real smile too! LOL.
Well, looking at this one a bit better, I guess it is safe to say that there are other times that I can say that some times they AREN'T. One of these days you WILL get a real smile from the man!

I spent close to an hour this morning picking up the stitches on the second sleeve of Caroline's Sleeves in YourPi. I'm not sure why it took me so long, except that the yarn holding the stitches in place was incredibly tenacious, wanting to hold on with all its might, refusing to release its grip on the stitches around it. Eventually I prevailed, and it is ready to go again. Actually, at this moment, the sleeves feel as if they will be the EASY part of this operation! I have the pattern memorized. I think Caroline did the border in stockinette lace instead of garter lace, so I'll do both sleeve borders, one right after the other.

Just for clarification, here is a picture of Dora's sweater, WITH a tape measure. Because the t-pins are upstairs, and I didn't think to go up for them, I didn't pin the sweater in place to measure it. So, you have an idea of how her sweater is growing. It isn't stretched, but it is showing that it is in process! I wonder when she/they heads/head back for Brazil?

So much knitting reduced to so little! That lovely yarn all went back into such a tiny package, it seems such a shame. Amazing, doesn't it! I wonder what it will be the next time! I used a highlighter as a nostepinne, but realized I don't dare take it off, as it is going to tangle badly if I do. I'm going to knit it into something for me still, because I really love the colors and the yarn. It is 20% silk and the 80% rayon. It is slippery and the knitter needs to think ahead -- making sure that it doesn't tangle about itself. Such a good buy for the money!

Nathan and Kim are coming by this evening, I hope to get Howard to take some pictures of the three of us (Howard doesn't get to try to help) trying to move a queen sized bed up the stairs and into their room. Just think! Guests will now be able to sleep on a bed now instead of an air mattress! What a thought! Should be fun weekend with the two of them here!

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