Saturday, November 05, 2005

A frogging we will go!

Rats! The scarf is looking good, but it is curling too much for my liking. So, I'm going to visit the frog pond and start over. This is the current incarnation. I'll put a garter edging on either side and both ends to fix it. Since I like its current width, I'll go down in needle sizes too, so it doesn't overwhelm the wearer! Otherwise, we could be looking at a too small shawl!

Packing to visit Serena and my parents. I tend to pack more than needed, "just in case." Always bring extra fiber projects, don't want to run out of knitting, for heaven's sake! That would be a catastrophe! Right now I have ready for the trip:
  • Said scarf that has started over -- the second picture. It hasn't been blocked at all, but you can see how the colors are working together well;
  • Pair of socks that are knit in Jackie E-S's Parting Ways pattern. Both are ready to have the stitches picked up from the heel flap;
  • Helmetliner that just needs the face ribbing -- rest beautifully knit by Mabel until she ran out of yarn. I'll finish that, and have enough yarn for at least 2 more complete helmetliners;
  • Yarn for another pair of socks;
  • Yarn for a short row scarf. Do you think that will be enough for 6 days? sigh

I had written this and uploaded it earlier, and it didn't work. Hope this one does!

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