Friday, November 11, 2005


Had a wonderful time Thursday knitting with the Evergreen (Colorado) Knitting Floozies! They are such a welcoming group! Mom and I felt a part of the group, and the time passed by so quickly! They meet every Thursday from 10-12 at Hearthfire Books. If I have it right, we have: Barb, Cindy, Georgine, Gail, Mom, Nancy, and Gloria. Mom knit an inch on a helmetliner while we were there. I was repairing a damaged sock for Georgine(and forgot to take before and after pictures!) that had been attacked by a puppy, so have nothing to show of my time.

This is Howard, my sister Annette, and Mom at the airport, just before security. Hey, I'd forgotten to get pictures most of the trip, so I thought I'd get one picture at least! LOL! Annette and Steve cut THEIR vacation short a day so they could see us. They had taken 2 weeks and traveled to southern Utah just to relax and visit the sites there.

Update on the items I took to knit with me:

  • Mabel's helmet liner was finished right away
  • I did start and finish a helmetliner while I was gone.
  • The Parting ways socks are much further along.
  • The short row scarf needed a new needle -- the stitches merrily jumped off the needle without any provocation. darn it. Even while transferring from one needle to the other it was quite easy to lose stitches.
  • The dragon scales scarf has grown, but needs to grow some more.
  • Couldn't start the other socks -- the needles were occupied.

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