Thursday, November 17, 2005

How do you spell relief?

Howard had surgery on his other shoulder Tuesday. We went in not knowing whether we were going to have a simple clean-out, or a rotator cuff repair. He went in on the right shoulder this spring expecting a clean-out and had rotator cuff surgery. I think we both half expected this to be the same, while hoping it wouldn't. Even the doctor felt the same way, as the X-rays, and MRI on the right shoulder didn't suggest the damage. So, he went in for a "decompression with a possibility of rotator cuff."

Imagine my relief when the doctor came out and told me that it was NOT a rotator cuff! He should be out of the sling by the weekend, and recovered shortly. Without the pain of the bone spur in his shoulder. Howard's relief was much greater, of course. Should have had the camera along!

The day of knitting at the hospital was great, as it allowed me to just sit and knit without many distractions.

An update to the tornado information of Saturday, there was an 84 year old woman died about 15 miles from here (24 km). Some of the middle and high school students went to help clean up Monday. They had planned to clean up yesterday (Wednesday), but I haven't heard if the school took them or not, as the weather has turned brutal. Tuesday was out, because of the forecast for blizzards (welcome to Iowa, 70 degree F (21.1 C) or more on Saturday, and blizzards on Tuesday. Then, we plummeted into the freezer -- right now it is 12F or -11.1 C. at 10 in the morning. It is supposed to warm up into more seasonable weather, but who knows.

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