Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hello from Colorado!

We're (Howard and I) are on a quick trip to visit family. Sunday we saw Nathan and Kim. The night was enlivened by Tucker, their basset/lab cross jumping on the bed at midnight. He managed to land on both of us, he didn't want one of us to feel left out. That dog is HEAVY! He has the lab body from his mom, but the basset legs from his dad. -

We are spending the days with my parents and the evenings with our daughter Serena. Much laughter has occurred. Mom and Dad's cat Isabelle has been properly adored, and Serena's cat Tora-chan has reminded us that she is queen of our hearts. After all, she lived with us for several years.

Went to a yarn store today, and was saddened when they told someone that she needed to learn to knit a different way, so she could get help. The woman was taught to knit back backwards instead of purling by her grandmother. At what point is it all right to step in and offer to help, when the store clerks are stymied? But, they are suggesting a method that is going to put money in the store (if she accepts). If she doesn't accept, we may have lost a knitter. Sounds as if it may be a lose/lose situation all around. What happened to the philosophy that there isn't a wrong way to knit?

Did find a book I'd been wondering about buying, and was happy to buy. "The Cable Knitting Handbook" by Annie Maloney. Subtitled 101 Original Stitch Designs . She did a great job of pulling together the book on her own, and self-publishing it. If you are interested in cable knitting, I recommend it. She also did a lace book, I'll have to look for that later.

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pinkladykatie said...

it was nice meeting you today! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Colorado!