Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Easy way to string beads on yarn!

I've been trying to string beads on worsted weight yarn. It hasn't been pretty. Trying to get a needle that had a large enough eye to accept the yarn, but that would allow the bead through was tough.

Anyway, here is my solution...

I threaded a needle with thread. Made a knot in it, and put the the yarn through it, and slipped the bead through the needle, and down onto the yarn.

It allowed me to (once I figured it out, darn it for being so slow!) to load the beads fairly quickly, and start knitting. Still had the problem of the beads that were too small for the worsted weight yarn, so I advise doing one or two at a time, so you don't have to take too many off. But, I was able to develop a rhythm. And cheaper than buying a bead needle that I'll lose. Would be nice to have one, but still, in a pinch, this worked nicely!

The commission sweater is off in the mail, as is the dragon scale scarf, and 9 helmet liners (I didn't knit all of the helmet liners!)

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Anonymous said...

I use a big eye needle... they're like 50 cents at the craft store. work wonders.