Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Funny Story

This was what happened last Monday evening when we got in to Denver. It is in Serena's words, I lifted it from Serena's blog.

Okay, so my folks flew in to visit this afternoon. I left work, drove over to the airport, and picked them up. Three adults, crammed into the cab of my pick-up. Not a very big pick-up, mind you! Toddled through traffic (not as bad as I'd expected, even leaving work), and headed toward the health/organic/healthy food grocery store to get stuff Mom could eat (severe food allergies), as well as dinner. Right next door, there's a Barnes and Noble. Since Mom and Dad don't have one close, we wandered over. As we perused the books, Dad and I wandered off, as Mom was doing more serious book browsing. Whilst wandering through aisle just after "Food" and "Wine", I spotted something laying on the floor of the aisle.

After gaping in disbelief for a moment, I looked at Dad.

"There's underwear on the floor at Barnes and Noble!"

He looked at me VERY strangely! "What!?"

"Look," I pointed, "there's someone's underwear on the floor!"

He looked. He stared. We both started giggling.

He asked, "Should we tell someone?"

"No!" I said. "I'M not telling anyone!" Still giggling...

I wander off to tell Mom, seeking a safe haven (safely away from the navy boxers decorating the floor). I whisper to Mom, " there's underwear on the floor over there!"

She looks at me blankly. "What?"

I try again. ""There's underwear on the floor over there!"

And again, the blank look. By this point, I'm starting to giggle all over again.

"There's underwear on the floor over there!" Mom looks shocked. "Where!?!"

I point, and in doing so, notice that Dad is calmly, and politely, informing the girl at the information desk of the newest decoration (He, the cad, tells her that "There is an article of clothing on the floor." She looks puzzled, and a little concerned, and heads off.

My father, at this point, is grinning like a fool. I'm giggling. My mom, not believing me, heads off toward the "underwear" aisle. She returns giggling. Now we head toward dad, who's in prime position to watch employee consternation over the "underwear" aisle.

We see the girl who first headed off turn a brilliant shade of red, at sighting the new decoration. We see her commandeer the gentleman working behind the counter at the help desk. We watch him follow her, very skeptically I might add, and then voice an appalled, "Oh my." He turns pink.

At this point, I'm laughing so hard, I'm facing a book display, and holding on for dear life. My mother is chortling, and my father is doing his best to not roar with laughter! We watch the same beleagured young man stare at the undies on the floor, and proclaim, "This is NOT in my job description!" which only succeeds in making us laugh all over again.

As we left the store, we saw someone had removed the thoughtful floor covering. We're hoping they dispose of the offending article. But it sure made us all laugh!

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