Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Busy two days!

We took off yesterday for another doctor visit in Iowa City. On the way we drove through the small town where my Uncle and Aunt had a heating and air conditioning business for years. It was satisfying to see that the business has retained their name, and seems to be thriving. We saw 5 vans around town with the company's name. We then went on to our friends Julie and Bill, where we spent the night. They didn't have Missy in the house this time, Bear was in for a while but decided that she'd rather be outside. Julie and I did some knitting and talked spinning -- debating the pros and cons of a Woolee Winder (I LOVE mine for my Louet) for her Reeves wheel. She demo'd spinning somewhere, and somehow the person in charge sent her bobbins to Goodwill. As this is an older Reeves model (before it became part of Schacht), it is hard to come by bobbins. While we were doing OUR thing, the men were solving all the problems of the world. It is fun to have friends like that!

Today we went to the orthopedist for my shoulder (another steroid injection in the shoulder) and started toward home. We stopped and had lunch with that dear Aunt then came home.

With over 8 hours in the car over these 2 days, I got a LOT knit. Here is my progress so far. Almost to the first underarm.

By yesterday evening, I wasn't sure the camel/silk was a good color with the other two. It is a cooler color. But, to be really honest, I don't want to frog all my progress, not to mention the fact that I don't have a coordinating yarn on hand! I think it was a tantrum brought about by looking at it too long! At least I certainly hope so!

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AlisonH said...

Goodness, I hope those bobbins somehow turn back up; that's a rather mind-boggling mistake. Anyway. I love how your jacket is turning out, and I'm so glad to see that yarn going to such good use. And hey--thank you for the link, I appreciate that.