Saturday, September 09, 2006

More "Excitement"

Let me think, what has been going on? Turns out the water heater in our new home had been leaking for some time. All over the carpeted laundry room. That was replaced. Today someone came and pulled out the carpet, to find that the shut-off valve for water into the house was ALSO leaking. The room flooring is a mess. We don't know if the subflooring will have to be replaced or not. The amount of mold in the room has triggered my asthma since the water heater moved out. So, I'm staying pretty much in our bedroom with the air purifier going. Sniff. Luckily we have a wireless setup, and while my computer is next to the laundry room, I can log in on Howard's in here.

The stained glass windows have been removed from the old house, the kitchen cupboards are going to one family, the dishwasher to someone else, a different person is taking the picture window...I'm sure there are other things that have been claimed, but I don't remember. It feels good that the things will have a new life, instead of being demolished!

Our chest freezer, which usually houses my spinning stash, my more valuable knitting yarns, some food and the heirloom quilts is still out of commission at the old house, waiting to see if it can be brought back to life. In other words, we are waiting for parts and repair. Much cheaper than a new one. If it can be, it will come over here into the garage.

On the knitting front, I'm down to the gusset on another pair of socks, and I've got the yarn wound for the Rose of England by Kinzel. Now, to start!

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