Friday, September 22, 2006

Well no freaking wonder!

I got new glasses 2 weeks ago. I couldn't see well out of them. I called, the office told me to try for 7 days to allow my eyes to adjust. I went 9. I could not read the print on the television screen, couldn't see street signs, and was very frustrated. I gave up and went back to my old glasses. Today was the appointment to check and see what went wrong. The new lenses were an entire diopter off too weak! The doctor was baffled as to how it happened. Actually, there was no change in my prescription, but the old pair were so damaged from a bad glare coat job that I wasn't able to see as well as I should out of them. So, a new pair of lenses are on order. I'll be glad to get them! Thank God that the office has a "we fix until you are satisfied" policy. Today's appointment and the new lenses will not cost me.

By the way, Alison has a blog, so if you like her stories, bookmark it! Serena and I enjoyed our visit with her during our California visit.

And Mom brag alert, Serena had photos accepted to an online Travel Guide for Ireland! She heard yesterday that 3 photos from her trip in April are in the Guide!

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