Friday, September 01, 2006

The Old House

Howard went by to pick up mail today (we hadn't put in a forwarding order, because I was waiting for some newsletters which are mailed bulk) and said that they have started dismantling the house. I don't know how far, but he said the mailbox had been "ripped off the house". I really want to go by and see what they've done. It feels as if I need to go by and watch, for a sense of closure. I want to photograph the different stages, a memorium to the house? This is the first house that we've been able to paint the rooms to reflect our personalities. Perhaps that is why it is so painful -- we put so much of us into it.

Oddly enough, as I write this, I'm clouding up. We had good times there, so did other families. And now it will be a parking lot. I hope they salvage the building, we've still not heard.

Yes, Serena, will will be replacing the living room curtains. In fact, we have the vertical blinds from the other house that are going to go up in there and in our bedroom. I still need to find a place for the peacock kite, though, as we don't want to put a hole in the ceiling. The windchimes that Howard gave me are hanging on the front porch where they catch part of the breeze, not enough to really blow them around, but just a gentle chime.

You know you live in a small town when the appliance delivery person calls you at 7 in the morning to let you know what time they will be delivering! LOL I was quite astounded at time. This, along with the noise ordinance that says you can start doing noisy things such as mowing the lawn, using a jackhammer or cutting down trees at 7 in the morning! THAT was an even bigger surprise the first time it happened! The gentle tones of a tree being cut down by chainsaws ripping through the quiet at 7 were enough to energize the day.

We bought a portable dishwasher we found on sale yesterday, and it was delivered today. Now we only need to handwash things that I don't want in there. We are both delighted with the purchase, even if it hasn't been used yet! Well, we've started loading it...

On the fiber front, I have 2 fleeces ready to go for processing -- after several years of waiting to wash them myself, I decided that having someone else do it was a really smart idea, or they'd never get done! The fiber room has so MUCH roving already, it is an embarrassment of riches. When you figure that the 23 cubic foot chest freezer was probably 3/4 full of roving, it is a bit daunting. Still trying to figure out storage, but the freezer is waiting for parts to repair it.

I'm knitting on a pair of socks, and my fingers just don't want to pick up the rhythm. It is slow going, compared to my normal knitting speed. Very frustrating. They'll look nice, but need a bit of concentration instead of reading while I knit them. sniff I've signed up to knit the Rose of England from the Kinzel book, but still haven't decided what yarn to make it from! Must get going on that!

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