Friday, September 22, 2006


It is very frustrating when a gauge swatch doesn't match the real project! I dutifully did a gauge swatch for the Mermaid, and started knitting. About an inch into it I decided I'd better check to make sure it matched the gauge I wanted. Nope! At 181 stitches a row, that hurt! My only consolation is that the gauge swatch said I needed to be knitting on 000 needles, now I'm knitting it again on 0s. Which is nicer. I'm now beyond where I was when I had to frog.

I'm debating whether to knit it all in one color as this person did or to knit it as the designer planned. I have enough yarn to knit it either way. The yarn I'm using for the lightest color is some camel/silk from Alison (thanks Alison!) in, well, CAMEL color! I think it would be a very dressy jacket. I also have a dark brown and a rust (or a medium brown) that can be the contrast colors. My biggest concern is that I really do NOT need to emphasize my hips!

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