Saturday, November 18, 2006

Almost finished!

I'd like to claim an almost finished item ... Serena's Mermaid is washing right now. All that I need to do tomorrow is to sew the sleeves in. I wish I could claim it as completely done, but almost is nice as well! Hopefully pictures tomorrow, although I will have to wait until Christmas to see it on her body. 25 knitting days start to finish -- even with the slow-down on the sleeves.

I think I'm going to spend a day or two knitting something that isn't a Mermaid, then I plan to dive back into the fray with Mermaid #3. Just something quick that will give me a quick sense of accomplishment without a major time commitment. Then on to Kim's Mermaid. Hers will be a size small instead of a medium, so I do need to figure out the changes.

Last night after posting the whine about losing Serena's Aran, I managed to find it. That was a great relief, as I'd decided that if I couldn't find it, I'd start over, rather than try to find it in all of the boxes in the storage unit. Not that I'm so far along that it would be a tragedy, but it might put me off knitting it even longer! Right now it seems to be heading the queue after Mermaid #3. Unless something else comes up in the meantime. I would also like to get 2 or 3 scarves knit for the Red Scarf Project. I bought several skeins of red alpaca on sale just for that purpose. Those can be mindless knitting when I need such a thing. Good airline knitting too, for the trip to Serena's in January? I would hope to have Mermaid #3 done by then. Who knows what I'll be knitting just under 2 months from now! Not me!

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The Spindling Scot said...

I wonder what a mermaid from red alpaca would be like...
Seriously, you must be a really fast knitter, or very stressed at the moment. Wish I could knit fast :-)
How's the allergy thing going? I have problems with soya too, and in the last year it has appeared in so many things.
Keep smiling ;-)