Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh... rats!

The neighbors are busy decorating their houses for Christmas. We realized the ceramic Christmas tree that has been part of our celebrations since 1985 is safely packed in a trunk which is at the back of the storage unit below and behind a huge pile of boxes. THAT won't be coming out for this Christmas. Then I started looking for a box that held the wreath and games. Guess where THAT box is too? sigh I can't tell you the exact location of the box in the storage unit, but I can tell you that it is safely stored there as well. Funny thing is, I don't remember repacking that box to go to storage. Oh well. I did save out 1 box and 1 tote that have Christmas things in them, but the larger things seem to have been put away neatly for later. Of course, one box is full of ornaments and this house doesn't have room for a tree. We are going to have a little tree on top of a table this year. That's all the room we have. This house wasn't designed for bookcases. LOL But the bookcases are a good place to put the crèche figures, so long as we don't put out the stables this year. We have several sets, my mother's when she was a girl, the one from Mexico my parents gave us shortly after we were married, a ceramic one with tiny figures I painted in Colorado, and others that I've been given over the years. Hm, since the tree is so small, perhaps we should put the two larger ones on the table too. The third could go on the desk. maybe

I started Mermaid Number 3 today. I hope it will be loved and worn! I'm doing the sleeves first, so hopefully I don't get hit so terribly by the second sleeve syndrome. Anything to fool myself, eh? I'm still thinking on the collar, as it flattens out instead of staying rolled over. Tacking it down in a few places? Ideas anyone?

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