Saturday, November 11, 2006

Getting there!

Well, there is progress. I'm not done, but the "only" thing left on this one is another sleeve then sewing the two sleeves in. I'm happy with the way it looks, aren't you?

Now Kim's. I'm still trying to figure out for sure which colors go where, but I'm seriously considering the cream as in this one but also for the sleeves, then reversing the other two colors from how they are on this one.

Right now I'm suffering a touch of second sleeve syndrome. I've done a provisional cast on and the first row, but decided to wait until tomorrow to start in on it.

I still can't find the Eragon CDs. I've been listening to "Trickster's Choice" and "Trickster's Queen" by Tamora Pierce narrated by Trini Alvarado. I'm almost done, so I'll have to figure out something else to read with my ears tomorrow.

Howard and I came to the conclusion today that we are going to have to put some things into storage. There just isn't room in this house. There are 2 rooms that have boxes on the floor, and a third of the garage has furniture around the edges. I'm tired of living out of boxes. I'd rather put the things away safely, and not feel as if I'm tripping over boxes constantly. Not to mention, Serena, Kim and Nathan are coming for Christmas, and there isn't room to put down air mattresses for them to sleep!

P.S. You can see the new kitchen floor in this picture.


The Spindling Scot said...

Nice :-)
If I get a red/pink one you can have it, but I get the pattern...
Is it easier the second time?

fiberfanatic said...

of COURSE you get the pattern, I already have my own! LOL

I think it is easier the second time, the same amount of knitting, but this time I have a sense of where the pattern is going, and it hums along. Well, except for this second sleeve. This is taking longer, for some reason. On Kim's I plan to do the sleeves first, so when I'm done with the body I'm DONE!