Friday, November 17, 2006

Various Thoughts

Howard and I spent most of the day packing up the partial boxes that were around the house and transporting them as well the furniture that has been living in the garage since we moved to a storage unit. The house feels almost as if it is breathing a sigh of relief. Or is that ME doing that? I have this horrid feeling that Serena's Graduation Replacement Aran Sweater in progress is there now. I don't remember seeing it while packing, but I certainly don't have a clue where it might be. I found the YARN for it. I am still thinking about taking my yarn and fiber stash over there, it is just a mile or so away, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal to go pick it up when I want it. The thought of it being out of the house so I can't just snag it and start working on a new project is what stops me.

Yesterday while trying to pack things to be shifted into storage, I found my calendar from 1993. How interesting to read from it, as I kept much better notes then. It was interesting to read. Serena's lupus diagnosis, an uncle's death, knitting, Girl Scouts, school for the kids, volunteering at the hospital for all of us, neighbors, friends ... all condensed in a few words per day. And yet, reading it brought it back. I won't be able to remember more recent years nearly as well, because I'm not writing the information down for later. My loss.

We drove down to Ames and picked up 3 turkeys that I can eat. I also picked up a bar of Equal Exchange chocolate, which doesn't have any soy in it. That was probably a dumb thing, as eating chocolate has been causing a migraine. I've just had a few pieces of the bar, but no migraine. So, is it the soy causing a migraine? I suspect my body could tell, but it isn't talking very loudly. I think I'll rarely indulge anyway. But, it is nice that when I'm having a chocolate craving (has been happening the last little bit) I can indulge.

I passed the halfway point on the second sleeve yesterday. We watched "Shark Attack" (blech) and "Cars" (cute) on DVD last night, and I knit through both. I forgot to bring it along on the trip to Ames, or it would be even further along. Something about a 45 minute ride (each way!) when you've forgotten your knitting. Rats! Much longer trip!

We saw a HUGE murder of crows in Ames. They were roosting in many trees as well as flying over the street. Probably more than several hundred. Neither one of us remember seeing such a crow gathering. Wonder if they were migrating?

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