Tuesday, November 07, 2006


We have a fully functioning bathroom again! What a wonderful thing, and something you really don't think a lot about unless, as this time, occasion arises when you are suddenly deprived!

Some things conspired over the weekend to dampen my desire to knit. Yesterday the joy came back. I accomplished a lot on Serena's Mermaid. I should be finishing up the body by the end of the week. Then it is on to the sleeves!

I haven't decided whether to do Kim's Mermaid next, or do another project. The lure of a different project has started, but I also know me. I tend to do one project (each sweater, not the Mermaid set as this has become!) at a time within some parameters. If it is a project that I need to concentrate while knitting (an Aran or lace) I have a simple project (socks or such) going that I can knit when I'm in a situation that I must pay attention. I THINK Kim's will be next. My mind seems to be considering the 3 as one project. If I pick up another project, will I come up to hers?

I think one of the joys of knitting Mermaid is I can SEE MY PROGRESS! Do 2 rows and change colors. Another is the fact that while I have to think enough at the start of every other row (in the stripe pattern) to change colors, the rest is lovely garter stitch and I can read as I knit.

Knitting complicated patterns, the joy is increased by listening to an audio book. I still get books "read" and the progress goes on. Actually, I'm thinking about listening to "Eragon" but I can't find the blasted CDs! So, until then, I'll read a hardcopy.

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