Thursday, November 30, 2006

The brain seems to have stopped

I have been stalled on Mermaid #3 for several days, due to the lack of yarn. I was an ounce short of having enough. It is coming. But WHEN? I have both sleeves to the halfway point, and the first band of white on the body.

Today I realized that the center stripe on the sleeves is the color I DO have! I could have finished the sleeves by now!

To top off the ridiculous situation, I started on the sleeves this morning, got an inch and a half finished, to realize that I'd dropped a stitch on the second row of the stripe! Dropping down to that stitch and working it back up didn't succeed (it looked awful!) so I'm frogging back to that and starting it again. SHEESH! After I got down there, I found out that it was from the tail that I'd knit in! So it wasn't going to go anywhere! sigh THAT is how things have gone recently!

Happy Birthday a day late to my dear guy! Here is to a better year this year!

In the time away from Mermaid #3, I started another red scarf. Second permutation for it, as the first one just wasn't tripping my switches. This one knits up fairly quickly.

I'm finding that a good way to secure the ends is to use the Philospher's Wool method of weaving in 2 handed knitting. It carries the yarn along the back, and can be trimmed neatly. If you have a high speed connection, watch the streaming video here to learn how. I'm using Stitch 3 to weave in the ends.


The Spindling Scot said...

Mary, you must be a supersonic knitter...all that in a few days!
Thanks for posting the quick scarf pattern, I'll have a go. I'm sure there is something in the Aran ball stash that will work.
Have you solved the Christmas decoration problem?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find your e-mail address and am sorry to clog up your comments, but I was wondering if in your various efforts to figure out how much yarn you needed for Mermaid, you could guess the percentages needed for the 3 different yarns, as in, 1/2 color A, 1/4 color B, etc. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Some days yarn is just like that. But it'll be so gorgeous when it's all done.