Friday, November 03, 2006

Progress on Several Fronts

Well. It has been an interesting couple of days!

Here is the new subflooring! We were lucky, there were two spots where the floor was so weak it could have collapsed. This flooring is better than it was originally.

Howard has a seminar about 3 hours away today and tomorrow. I was going to go with him, and spend time with Nathan and Kim while he was learning. Al and the plumber were going to come today, so I stayed home. Al came. The plumber is coming on Monday instead. Seems the toilet was rusted badly, and there was a strong possibility of more leaks in our future. So, we are getting a new toilet in the bathroom. This photo is before Al came today and put back the woodwork and register grating. The odd looking things hanging by the tub are soap sacks, one for my shampoo bar, I've only found them here Basin, as I'm allergic to liquid shampoos and liquid soaps, and the other one is soap.

On the Mermaid front, this one is speeding along. I finished the other in just over a month, helped by 3 sessions in the car, two about 4 hours and the drive to Serena's. This is the result of 10 days of knitting. I started it October 25th, and did 2 rows that day. Of course, the car ride home from Serena's helped my progress. I find 1 striped section and a gusset to be an acceptable goal for a day.

This is something that has been in the back of my mind for a long time. I know you can't tell, but the other sides have the first coat. I ran out of paint! This is going to be a dollhouse scale (1 inch = 1 foot) fiber room. I have two looms, one spinning wheel, and other things to go in there. My plan is to have a stove and sink for fiber dyeing, skeins of many colors of yarn, perhaps a backstrap loom, baskets of fiber, perhaps a quilt? Any other thoughts? My plan is to have a loft above the main floor, I don't know what will be where yet. Al cut out a "roof" for me, as the kits were designed to be one floor only. He is also going to help me put it together, again because of the design. And he'll cut out the loft area. This may even be the project that gets electrified.

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