Sunday, February 25, 2007

And the snow came

My leg against the snow, for perspective.

My car was BURIED! The ice came off in a sheet after Howard got one side loose. Of course, he had to remove the snow first!

Howard (standing back because he didn't want his picture taken) against a drift next to the porch.

Thank God for Mike, who came before lunch to plow us out. He brought the big machine for the drive. You can see that there was "just a bit" of snow!

I stayed in today, read and started a satchel for my new laptop. I have one briefcase here at the house, and it is too small -- the laptop sticks up over the top by a couple of inches. I have a Lands End briefcase that I've had for years. Unfortunately, it is in storage. Of course. So, I knit up 2 pockets as gauge swatches. They are fulling as I type. I'm using yarn that my cousin Larry brought back from Brazil last year. His sister-in-law had purchased it in Uruguay. I just checked, it fulls beautifully after 15 minutes from the time the washer started filling. I'm going to allow the washer to complete the cycle, then pull them out. I'm using the satchel
here as a starting point. I want to be able to have my knitting in there as well as the computer. I'll probably make it wider, perhaps put a separator in there to keep the laptop cords from tangling with my yarn. A pocket for my keys wouldn't go amiss either! This is still in the hmmmmmmm stage.

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lisabeth said...

Oh my gosh!!! It was 85 here yesterday, I've never even seen that much snow!