Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Felted Laptop Case

I'd like some input on my felted laptop case. These are the things I've thought of so far, have I missed anything?
  • A division down the center, so I can put my laptop on one side, knitting on the other.
  • Pockets for nebulizer etc.
  • A secure place for wallet and keys.
  • What else? Ideas?

I think I've come up with a way to make a flat bottom, and am trying to make discrete edges. Just because. It may be wasted when it is fulled, but still, I like the idea.

We are supposed to be on the leading edge of another winter storm. There are people still without power, with this storm, supposedly projected to be just like last week's, it is supposed those people will be without power for a week. They also expect more power outages. Whoopee! I suspect the stores are doing a landmark business. I understand that last week on of the local grocery stores broke their record of most sold in a day. Wonder if they've restocked enough to do it again?


Florence said...

Hi Mary, I have not very much time to come and read your blog, but it's always a pleasure to read you messages!What about the alpaka fleece?

Crow Calling Woman said...

HUmmm some felted flowers on the cover sounds nice to me. :) What about a hole in the back fold so that you can plug it in when you need to? Handles! Detachable handels!