Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On My Way

I decided that along with getting on "The Beach" (the South Beach Diet) that I'm also going to exercise. I've increased 5 minutes a day until I'm up to 25 minutes! Pretty good for being so out of shape that 5 minutes was enough the first day. I find it sad how I try to find excuses for not working out. Yesterday's was the fact that I'd shoveled the last inch of snow off the walks -- couldn't that count? Decided not. Today I tried to say that an hour shopping was the same -- nice try, I worked out anyway.

I'd seen this on several blogs Judy's started the process, but today Tricotine's post did it for me. I joined in. Really late, as it started January 1. But I can do this!

Here I go! I'm not going to post about it daily, but I will check in on it weekly.

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