Saturday, February 24, 2007


I have a new computer! The old one was so slow that even the computer tech was complaining! LOL

I have a laptop! I'm looking forward to using it. Right now I'm in the process of adapting to it. My biggest problem is the keyboard -- I'm used to an ergonomic one, so the keys aren't in the same place. For some stupid reason, I'm not hitting the space bar with my right thumb hard enough, and that is the thumb that almost always hits the space bar. So I have to go back and insert a space. Drat it. Oh and the touch pad. I've avoided one so long, because I've worried that I wouldn't be able to control it. So far, it has been...interesting. Even posting this, I keep popping the cursor up higher in the paragraph. Coordination is the key. Too bad I don't have enough. LOL
All of my programs are now loaded. I think. grin Updates are a pain, but necessary.
I've had two good nights of sleep, hopefully I'll feel up to knitting again. Not sleeping well kicks me in the hind end!
We had freezing rain, everything is coated with a quarter inch (.6 cm) of ice. Now we are supposed to get up to 12" (30.5 cm) of snow on top of it. YUCK!

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wheezeybouncer said...

you can use a standard mouse with a laptop usually (i have to for clive he hates the touch pad)