Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ice Storm!

We had an ice storm that rolled in through the night. This morning Howard moved my car from the street (I forgot to move it last night) to the driveway. The car was iced over, when he closed the car door, the latch wouldn't close because it was frozen. You can see the ice on the railing. The trees are covered in ice, we've already had a power outage of about an hour. Just long enough for us to start to settle into the "oh dear" mode, as the house is heated by electricity, and the kitchen is electric as well.

Now we are getting snow on top of the ice. This is going to be an interesting period of time. The department of transportation has requested that people NOT travel at this time. It just isn't safe.

Church has been cancelled for tomorrow. We had to chuckle, Howard called the cancellation in, there must have been a misunderstanding as to the name of the church. Grin Um, it really SHOULD be called First Congregational UCC of Webster City! Not quite what he heard, was it? I thought it was funny enough that I took a picture of it.

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