Sunday, February 04, 2007

Baby it is COLD outside!

We drove up to visit Nathan and Kim Friday. Came back home yesterday. Two 5 hour drives in 2 days is a bit much! We just wanted to spend some time "with." As an aside, Minnesotans have an interesting speech difference -- they don't say with "what", they just say "Do you want to go with?" Used to drive me nuts when we lived there, one of my kids would say, "can I go with" and I'd reply "with what?" So, since we were in Minnesota, we were spending some time with. Argh

The 5 hour drive was good for knitting -- I almost finished the present for the Mystery Skein Swap. No pattern, I just played to get what I wanted. Can't show pictures until it is received.

We drove up with one car, came back with 2! They gave me (!) their old car -- a 1991 Ford Tempo 5 speed. They worried about me being home without a car for those times Howard is away. This way I can drive myself places, instead of relying on him. Isn't that sweet of them! They had it checked out for necessary repairs before they handed it over. Nathan drove around Saturday morning in the bitter cold (-15*F -26*C with a windchill of -37*F or -38 *C) to have the tires checked. I drove it home, it is a sweet car. The heater works too, which I really appreciated on the drive home!

The bitter cold has arrived here. It was -13*F -25*C with a windchill of -35*F -37*C. The weather that causes frostbite in a minute or less.

Remember the fact that I took all of my fiber outside to kill moths? I brought it in after 3 days, and should have taken it back out last night. I didn't -- it was too cold. This morning I got up, and my sweetie had carried it all out for me! In all of that cold. What a precious gift!


lisabeth said...

Yeah for a new car!!

AlisonH said...

Very, very cool on all counts. Well, maybe except for that cold. Brrr. But for warm and loving hearts...