Tuesday, May 22, 2007

All I can do is laugh

1. I only broke one bone in my foot
2. I finally moved out of denial and saw the doctor about it this afternoon (I broke it yesterday)
3. Howard was able to drive me to the doctor
4. Howard is available tomorrow to take me to the final knitting class for this year at the middle school in the town about 20 miles away
5. Nathan says I gave him a headache trying to figure out how I did it. As he said, "only you Mom!"
6. We can laugh about it.
7. Doesn't hurt as much as when I crushed my wrist
8. Pain meds
9. The pharmacy rents crutches so I didn't have to buy them!
10. It was NOT damage from osteoporosis which caused it (which was a concern)
11. I don't have a cast, but a boot on that foot
12. Think of it as more knitting time -- right?


AlisonH said...

Maaaa-rryyyy! Don't *DO* that!! Goodness. I'm glad Serena got that laptop, meantime.

lisabeth said...

Oh my goodness!! Hopefully you'll get lots fo time to sit and knit now...

Serena said...

Hey, it's a much smaller than the boot Nedra had when she broke her foot!