Saturday, May 26, 2007

EZ's Baby Surplice

Just for fun (and a really quick knit) I decided to start the EZ Baby Surplice in the latest Vogue Knitting. I think I see why she never published it, the stripes not lining up bug me. A cute, easy pattern, but if I make it again I'm going to do it with the edge decreases at the edge instead of in 4 stitches. See how it cocks up because of that? I'm going to do some sort of edging to cover the color changes -- at this point I'm leaning toward picking up stitches the whole edge, stockinette for several rows and bind off. It will curl and give a nice look. I find i-cord fiddly to knit, or I'd do that. Cream buttons? My original thought had been to do the edging in cream, then I thought -- Baby. Messes. Edging in green it is. LOL


AlisonH said...

I like it like that, myself.

Allena said...

i like it! it may not look straight on it's own but put a baby in it.. i bet it looks wonderful. and people can't tell!