Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh dear!

Oh dear, it is Friday and I've not been posting. I have been trying to get ready for this weekend, when Serena, Nathan and Kim show up! The house is going to be pleasantly full! There was a lot of rearranging needed, as the room Nathan and Kim stay in had become the home of the exercise equipment -- there wasn't room for their bed (we use inflatable air mattresses for guests, saves room when we guests are gone!) Actually, I'd spread out in the fiber room so there was no room for Serena's bed as well, but that is normal in that room. It is a small room, with bookcases, stash totes and desks around the edges, there is just barely enough room for the bed. Good thing Serena doesn't mind! We gave her the choice of room this time, as she will be here almost a week while Nathan and Kim only overnight.

I complain a lot because of prednisone, but I am grateful that I have it to take! Life would be very different if it hadn't been available to take over these last years. I started it again yesterday, and am delighted that my breathing has improved.

I still have the socks on the needles and the Scrawl (shrug). It is at the point that I need to decide if I dislike the way it is turning out enough that I frog it, or I finish it. This waffling is not a good thing. I'll decide today and see if I can work on it. If not, maybe the socks will be safe to knit.


lisabeth said...

Enjoy the house full of people!!

AlisonH said...

Yes, enjoy!