Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last post on Run-a-go-go

With a broken foot, I've had to bow out of the challenge to move 350 miles by July 4th. I tried. It was my own personal goal, not imposed upon my by anyone else. Since it is Tuesday, I thought I really needed some closure here -- since I had publicly committed to doing it. So, by last Sunday -- the day before I broke my foot fairly early in the day -- I had managed to move this body 142.2 miles from April 1 until May 21. I had it figured out that I could make it, but then life got in the way. So, no more updates on this. Sadly enough. If you are interested, the challenge is here. The group challenge was for 100 miles, I was trying to go what I thought was possible within the context of challenging myself even further.

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