Monday, May 07, 2007


I didn't think to bring out my camera until just before Nathan and Kim were ready to leave, so I forced everyone together for 2 pictures. The flash reflected off of Howard's glasses in both shots, but I think this is the best picture. Kim, Howard, Serena and Nathan. All LOOKING as if they had a good time this weekend, anyway! LOL

The house is quieter today with them gone, but I am enjoying having Serena here. So far we haven't accomplished much, she brought books for me to read, and has gleaned my books. Much fun, and both of us learn about new authors this way!

Tomorrow we are going to visit Aunt Ivadell, hopefully I will remember to bring the camera along. Oddly enough (sigh) my first thought of the "I must take along" was "do NOT forget the nebulizer!" Since I'm using it many times a day right now, I don't want to be without it! Our plan is to visit the cemetary where so many of my Dad's family is buried. Serena only saw it once, before she was in school. I don't tend to visit cemetaries, as I believe that the part that made the person WHO they were is not there any more. But it will be interesting to see the church that my great-grandparents help found. Or perhaps my great-great. I am not sure which it was. I could ask my dad, I'm sure he knows. And I should. I know that there are portraits in the church of those family members. It would be nice if the church were open, but I don't know if it will be. Of course, I had to ask for specific directions as to where the cemetary is actually located, as I even had the TOWN wrong. Tells you how much attention I've paid in the past.

I'm hoping to briefly meet up with a knitting friend. I have books and things for her, she has books for me.

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