Thursday, May 17, 2007

Asthma and knitting

I admire people like Alison who can keep knitting through almost any circumstance that their body puts them. I wish I could.

I've whined before that there is a direct relationship between how my lungs are doing and my knitting. I talked with my doctor about it today, and told him that even though technically I am all right, that my peak flow meter says that I'm in the safe range, there is a level where I am no longer able to knit. In trying to explain it to him, I finally said, "It becomes impossible to do one of those things that helps define me." I don't know what he thought of me when I said it, but after thinking about it, he suggested that I do another pred burst, then stay on pred until next month, where we will evaluate how I am doing again.

Even though I don't like being on pred, it is a relief for him to hear me, and acknowlege that I know my body. It was also interesting looking at 3 months of peak flow charts, because there was a steady slow decline in my peak flow which also reflects my knitting life -- steady decline.

So, today was a good day. AND I was able to knit the heel flap on that second sock while waiting for the doctor. Which means I am feeling better too. Luckily, just as I realized that I didn't remember what I'd done to turn the heel on the first sock, the doc walked in. Rescued! I really must pull out my notes and finish the heel, so I can get on to the foot! Pictures soon.


AlisonH said...

Wellll.... Not always. My husband and my favorite two doctors know that if I'm not knitting, then they need to worry. When I'm feeling really sick, I use the lift that comes with anticipating making somebody happy to push me to keep knitting, and it often helps. When I can't even manage that, time to grab a nap or debate going to the hospital.

I've done plenty of that debating.

Unknown said...

I've been wondering if knitting is making my asthma worse, as today I haven't knitted and it seems better. I have thought about wearing a surgical mask to try and cut down the amount of fibres I'm inhaling. Don't want to stop knitting as I knit for a hedgehog rescue centre to help raise funds.