Thursday, May 17, 2007

Asthma and knitting

I admire people like Alison who can keep knitting through almost any circumstance that their body puts them. I wish I could.

I've whined before that there is a direct relationship between how my lungs are doing and my knitting. I talked with my doctor about it today, and told him that even though technically I am all right, that my peak flow meter says that I'm in the safe range, there is a level where I am no longer able to knit. In trying to explain it to him, I finally said, "It becomes impossible to do one of those things that helps define me." I don't know what he thought of me when I said it, but after thinking about it, he suggested that I do another pred burst, then stay on pred until next month, where we will evaluate how I am doing again.

Even though I don't like being on pred, it is a relief for him to hear me, and acknowlege that I know my body. It was also interesting looking at 3 months of peak flow charts, because there was a steady slow decline in my peak flow which also reflects my knitting life -- steady decline.

So, today was a good day. AND I was able to knit the heel flap on that second sock while waiting for the doctor. Which means I am feeling better too. Luckily, just as I realized that I didn't remember what I'd done to turn the heel on the first sock, the doc walked in. Rescued! I really must pull out my notes and finish the heel, so I can get on to the foot! Pictures soon.

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AlisonH said...

Wellll.... Not always. My husband and my favorite two doctors know that if I'm not knitting, then they need to worry. When I'm feeling really sick, I use the lift that comes with anticipating making somebody happy to push me to keep knitting, and it often helps. When I can't even manage that, time to grab a nap or debate going to the hospital.

I've done plenty of that debating.