Friday, May 18, 2007


I am having a "frustrated with other knitters" day. When I started the knitting group here in town, I freely loaned out books, needles and other knitting necessities. Problem is, very few of them have been returned. In fact, only one person has made promises to return the books she borrowed. I've decided, with a great deal of regret, that I can no longer loan any books, nor can I loan needles or tools unless I absolutely do NOT want to ever see them again. How very frustrating! This was an expensive lesson. And a sad one.

Then, this evening I was looking at a knitting magazine that I'd bought on e-bay before we moved to this house, and realized that the person who sold it had removed all of the instructions, leaving only the pictures. This is a Mon Tricot Baby-Knitting from s/s 73, I used mine originally to knit things for my children. When it came up in a batch of Mon Tricot magazines, I grabbed it. The other ones in the batch were fine, but this one! The person had to remove the staples, take out the instructions, then staple it back together, as the photo section was in the middle of the magazine. Of course it is way too long afterwards to post to the seller and complain.


Allena said...

man,when it rains it pours! I don't lend out my DVDs or anthing really b/c i've realized that people don't take care of things as well as i do. or they don't give them back at all. it stinks b/c i love to share.
you should write a review of that seller on ebay so noone else has that happens them with missing the patterns.
hope things start looking up for you soon!

Crow Calling Woman said...

Ain't that the sad-sad truth? You cannot loan people anything without the risk of it never being returned. It's a sad world we live in. You can't even swap with anything sort of a hopes guarantee that you will get anything in return!! I feel your exasperation!
I cannot believe someone would sell a magazine with the instructions cut out! What kind of num-skull is that seller?! Good grief, common sense much?

AlisonH said...

I'm hoping that seller was selling something passed on to them and that they didn't know.

When I have a favorite book, I go looking for cheap copies to loan out while holding tight to my own. That way, whoever I give one to, whether I see it again or not, I will continue to have completely kind feelings towards. That's worth the price of a spare copy to me (but then, I can often find a Rachel Remen book or a "No Life for a Lady" by Agnes Cleaveland for a dollar or two online.)