Tuesday, November 20, 2007

knitted cotton washcloths

When we lived in New York, a wonderful lady named Edie had gotten to the point in her knitting life that the only thing she liked to knit was washcloths. She sold some at a friend's restaurant, but gave many away. I have some that she generously gave us. They are great! I especially like to use them for dishes (the few dishes that are done by hand, hey, that is what a dishwasher is for!) When I use them I think of her, how courageous she was, having battled cancer several times. She was a giving person.

Slowly they are wearing out. I need to replace them. I'm wondering about a cone of linen yarn I have on hand, I'll bet those would last a LONG time! There is regret as these wear out, Edie died just after we moved here. So they are the last tangible memory of her.

I've also wondered about giving them as gifts, but I don't know how many of the intended victims would use them. If a person is into using paper towels, a cloth that needs to be washed is not appealing. There is some gratification in cleaning up a mess and throwing away the evidence. Perhaps it is a lifestyle thing. I don't think we've had paper towels in the house since someone brought a roll while we were painting the other house. It has been years since I bought them.

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Margaret at Heritage Yarns said...

There's nothing like a hand knit dish cloth. I use paper towels too but for dishes, I will grab the hand knitted one every time.